Title Dr Aseel AlSaleh PhD, BSc (hons), RNutr

Dr Aseel AlSaleh is an accomplished registered nutritionist specializing in obesity, diabetes and genetics. She teaches medical students at the Arabian Gulf University and has her clinic at King Abdullah Medical City.

Before coming to Bahrain, she worked at Imperial College London where she led cutting edge research in the prevention of diabetes in the UK. After being awarded her PhD by King’s College London, Dr AlSaleh resumed her research and teaching activities at the same university before joining Imperial College. Working towards her PhD she extensively researched the effect of diet and gene interaction in determining metabolic syndrome risk factors, where she was the lead genetics researcher in two multi centre studies in the UK.

She has then published the findings in top ranking scientific journals and her research is heavily cited. Her PhD research was recognized by the Nutrition Society as the UK’s best research work for that year. Dr AlSaleh continues her research and practice offering nutritional consultations both at her clinic for Bahrain based patients and over the phone/Skype for overseas clients.